E6Y has now pulled the plug with nearly 15,300 Qs in the log. Internet connection at our QTH was unreliable and very slow when it was working so we are only now able to reply to the many e-mails we received. Many thanks to everyone who has used OQRS to request QSLs and a big thank you to all who have sent donations.

Apart from the very slow internet, mobile phone coverage at the QTH was non-existent and the power supply caused unexpected blackouts on 3 occasions, one for 7 hours from 01 – 0800z, prime DX time! Would recommend that future DXpeds arrange for a standby generator. All power on the island is underground and supplied by a large diesel generator near the airport. They have recently laid fibre optic cable too though the latter has not been implemented yet.

Niue is a very beautiful island, quite unique in that it sits on a crown of rock with cliffs surrounding the island and very little in the way of beaches. However, they do have stunning rock pools and sea caves. There are 4 whales who cruise the deep sea around the island with dolphins regularly seen as well. Because the sea drops rapidly close to shore, these captivating creatures are easily seen from the cliff tops.

Niue Telecom is the radio licensing authority. They’re open 24/7 and you must pick up your licence in person when you arrive. They also sell internet data packages and provide cell phone services. There is a kiosk at the airport and at the main town of Alofi. Operation on 60m is permitted in accordance with ITU regulations.

There are several rental car companies, we hired a vehicle from Niue Rentals who also provided a small truck to get all out gear to-from the airport. The roads are in a sorry state with deep potholes outside of the main town particularly along the well-traveled west coast north of Alofi.

Shopping on the island is very basic. There is one large new supermarket (Swansons) near the airport though groceries are very expensive. There is also a duty free alcohol store adjoining the supermarket where you have 3 days to buy your favourite tipple using your boarding pass within 3 days of arrival. There are a few convenience stores around Alofi but shopping is minimalist to say the least! As for restaurants and cafes, there are many excellent choices and we’d recommend the Go Niue app or the excellent brochure new arrivals are presented. Best coffee we found was at the Vaiolama cafe.

If you need some hardware for aerials etc, BJs Hardware had 32mm alu poles and heaps of 4mm rope. If you need power cords, power boards etc then go to Ali’s Hardware.



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