FT8 and WSJT-X 1.9

We will be using WSJT-X V1.9 for the DXpedition, mostly in the “Fox and Hounds” DXped mode. Look for us to start on standard mode and post “E6Y Fox Mode” for a few minutes before we QSY to the DXped frreq.

If you’re unfamiliar with DXped mode, you need WSJT-X V1.9. Please read Gary ZL2IFB’s excellent article on WSJT-X, in particular, section 11 which deals with DXped (“Fox and Hound”) mode.



60M Operation

We won”t know if we’re permitted to operate on 60 metres until we pick up our licence the day we arrive. We will post here and Tweet to advise if we can, the frequencies we can use and the power level permitted. Any 60m operation is likely to occur towards the end of our trip.

Niue 2018 Blog

This year, we’re off to Niue in October. We arrive in E6 on October 6th and fly out on the 16th. We will enter the Oceania SSB & CW legs as a multi 2 operation.

There will possibly be some FT8 operation. This depends on the conditions of our licence.

Same goes for 60m operation.